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Features and Benefits of Vehicle Street

Beyond the basics, these are what's in store for you: These are as follows:

  • Map-out and Pursue your Vehicles and Assets real-time, all or individually; anytime, anywhere with our user-friendly, Facebook-like design interface.
  • Invite a Friend or Viewer.
  • Clearer views made possible through mapping-out with zoom-in capability; exploring on various maps or satellite images.
  • Expand Map and View by Waypoints features has been made possible for a more detailed vista.
  • Repairs and Maintenance and Vehicle Assignment/Dispatching.
  • Financing, Insurance and Accidents’ Info Modules.
  • Vehicles' and Assets' Photos Uploading.
  • Check-In Places. These are places which you assign to better monitor your vehicles’ activities. Notifications shall be sent to your email address once they have entered the Check-In Places.
  • Geographical Boundaries. Assign places and areas where your vehicles are allowed. Email notifications would follow when your vehicles have crossed your assigned Geographical Boundaries.
  • Assign Hot Spots. Hot Spots are places where your vehicles are not allowed to enter. The moment they enter an assigned Hot Spot, you will be notified.
  • Reports such as: Ignition On/Off, Check-In Points, Speeding, Coding, Idle Vehicles, Editing of Drivers’ and Vehicles’ Profile, Battery Cut and SOS/Panic.
  • Email Notifications every step of the way.