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Vehicle Card Info


As a VehicleStreet legitimate subscriber, you are entitles to one VehicleStreet Card. This card provides for additional security to avoid fraudulent use of our system. It ensures the highest level of security which we strictly implement aside from your creation of your Username and Password.



1. One VehicleStreet Card shall be issued to a subscriber. To allow us to process your information into your VehicleStreet Card, we shall issue you a Temporary Access Pass.
2. The VehicleStreet Card is owned by VehicleStreet.
3. The member's name and a sixteen (16) digit combination are shown on the card. The VehicleStreet Card cannot be used by anybody other than the person whose name is embossed on the card.
4. The member assumes sole responsibility on the proper and diligent use of the card. Lending, offering it as collateral, transferring to a third party and/or allowing others to use the system without VehicleStreet's authorization is strictly prohibited.
5. During the use of www.vehiclestreet.com, the system may ask for random numbers printed on the VehicleStreet's card. If and when the user fails to provide the proper number called for, the user cannot continue using the system until meeting the required security lock.
6. Should the VehicleStreet card be lost or gets stolen, a new card shall be issued upon request of the member after VehicleStreet's careful evaluation and approval. Corresponding charges shall be incurred.



VehicleStreet assumes no responsibility for any loss of whatever nature resulting from unauthorized use of the awarded privilege accompanying the VehicleStreet card which is to use our system. Any incorrect or inaccurate information; either collected at the time of registration as member or during the course of subscription of the progran is not VehicleStreet's resposibility.

The VehicleStreet is not a debit, credit or billing card.